Exhaust System Repairs or Replacement

Did you know that your Exhaust system rusts from the inside out? Your Exhaust system produces noxious emissions from the engine but also produces condensation as steam. That’s why water runs out of your tailpipe in the mornings whenever you start up your vehicle. Aside from lowering the noise level from the engine, the Exhaust system works hand-in-hand with your Emissions system through components like your Catalytic Converter, Air Injection Tube and the O2 Sensor. The 3 components I just mentioned can also cause drivabilty issues if not corrected.


If you believe you have a problem related to your Exhaust system.

Bring it down to Chip Culpepper Auto service and we will diagnose the problem for you.

See the diagram below to learn more about your vehicle’s Exhaust system.


Automotive Exhaust System

Automotive Exhaust System

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