Brake System Service and Repairs

Are your vehicle’s brakes making noise or is the brake pedal going down a lot farther than it used to…or fading out once the brakes heat up?


Bring it down to Chip Culpepper Auto service and we will perform a FREE Brake Check to diagnose the problem for you. See the diagrams below to learn more about your vehicle’s Brake system.


Conventional Brake System

Conventional Automotive Brake System

(ABS) Anti-Lock Brake System

ABS or Anti-Lock Brake System

Your vehicles Brake system works on hydraulics (fluid under pressure) and your Brake Fluid

is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. The temperatures that your Brakes

operate at during normal wear-and-tear, break down the fluid over time and lowers the boiling

point of the fluid. Most of the expensive repairs to a vehicles Braking system are caused by not

replacing the fluid often enough, thereby causing pre-mature parts failure. Save yourself some

money by calling Chip today and schedule an appointment at 407-678-5552‎ or just come on down.



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